Adult Bookstacks Reorganized to be More Convenient

Dear Avon Grove Library Customers:

We’re reached the next milestone in our series of improvements!

Over the last couple of years we’ve completed projects such as creating an art gallery space in the Computer Lab, adding a drive-up bookdrop, and organizing a Community Information Center.

Now we’re at the next step – moving the adult book collection into a more convenient order. Our adult books are now organized more logically, going from the front of the library to the back (still in the tall left-hand stacks):

1. LARGE PRINT books come first, to make them more accessible to the people who use them.

2. ADULT FICTION books now come next – they’re the most popular books, so they should be up front where people can reach them faster.

3. ADULT NON-FICTION titles now follow the fiction, since they’re less used.

4. ADULT BIOGRAPHIES are now in the last row of shelves, back by the emergency exit, because they’re the least used adult books.

I hope everyone finds the new system simple and convenient! Please let me know if you have any thoughts or questions – and watch for an exciting announcement coming soon about the empty space in front of the adult bookstacks!

Best wishes – Lori Schwabenbauer, Director