SCCOOT Bus Schedule Changes September 23

For those of you using public transportation, the SCCOOT Chescobus route has been improved with the assistance of the Chesco Bus Community Partner Team! It will now reach more of the most important destinations people have requested from West Chester to Oxford and back. Changes will take effect Monday, September 23. The new schedule can be seen below and is also available online.

Important facts about the bus:

1. SCCOOT = Chescobus. The bus may say SHUTTLE as well.

2. The base fare per zone is increasing to $2.50, but the zones have been expanded. EXACT CHANGE IS REQUIRED

3. Seniors 65 and older ride free; people with disabilities ride for $1.25 for one zone and $2 for both zones.

4. Stand by the green and white SCCOOT bus stop sign if available; if a new rider, wave to make sure the driver sees you.

5. If the regular blue and green SCCOOT bus is not available, a big white schoolbus may take its place. Look for the SCCOOT signage to be sure.

6. When you board the bus, tell the driver where you want to exit. Drivers won’t stop at “empty” stops unless they know someone is supposed to be getting off.

7. The driver should stop for “flag” stops – in other words, if you wave the bus down. But it must be in a safe place (as judged by the driver), and it has to be more than one block from a regular stop. If you’re new to the bus, try to stick with the regular stops until you and the drivers know each other.

8. “On demand” stops are at Luther House, LCH Jennersville, and Kendal Crosslands. To get picked up at one of these stops, you must call at least 30 minutes before you want to be picked up. You can exit at these stops normally.

9. SCCOOT’s operator is Krapf Bus. Their dispatcher is at 610-431-1500, or call TMACC (Transportation Management Association of Chester County) for management issues at 610-993-0911. Visit the TMACC website for more information.

10. As you enter and exit the bus, be safe! Watch for traffic before crossing any streets.

SCCOOT Chescobus Schedule 9-23-19 p1



SCCOOT Chescobus Schedule 9-23-19 p2