Update on Saturday’s Youth Civics Program

Avon Grove Library is regretfully withdrawing our sponsorship from this event. We want to make it clear that the program *is* still being held as advertised, August 10 in the West Grove Borough Building’s Community Meeting Room (not on library property).

By withdrawing our sponsorship, we do *not* in any way intend to cast doubt on this program’s non-partisan nature. Nor do we intend to criticize the program, the young woman organizing it, or Inspire U.S., the sponsoring organization. However, the response from some of our community members to our scheduling this event has shown us that even a program billed as purely educational and politically non-partisan may still be too controversial for a public library, which must maintain a politically neutral stance at all times.

The young woman who is organizing this program has been very understanding of this development, and we want to congratulate her on her maturity as well as her eagerness to increase civic engagement among her peers. I personally apologize to her for this development, and I know we all wish her well. – Lori Schwabenbauer, Director, Avon Grove Library

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